Thursday, September 2, 2010

Musician Of The Week: The Beatles

McCartney is vertically challenged
One of the many MANY bonuses about drawing for a living is I can listen to a ton music at work and it actually HELPS my concentration. Woohoo! So now that I've been drawing for 27 years-or-so, I've developed a bit of a 'drawing catalog' of musicians that totally inspire my work and make the days fly by. So each week I'll devote Thursdays to showcase some of the best bands out there. As this is the first entry in the series, that honor goes to (who else): The Beatles.

 It's kinda funny, but whenever someone tells me they like The Beatles, they usually follow it up with an asterisk of 'late Beatles' or 'early Beatles'. Well, no asterisk for me! I love it all. Give me the 'hippie' stuff, and give me the 'bubble gum' stuff. It's all good!
They also revolutionized facial hair
 Actually, one of the greatest things about The Beatles is that they constantly pushed the envelope. They could have just hung out and ridden the success of their early works, but they just kept trying out newer stuff. How cool is that? 

 Anyways, they make for some great workin' music. I don't think I could ever get sick of them!

Joel's top Beatles songs:

*fun fact: my wife walked down the aisle to 'Golden Slumbers'. :)

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