Monday, September 6, 2010

Character Overview: Dusty Sprocket

The original 'Dusty Sprocket'

 Dusty Sprocket, the main character of our little game, has changed quite a bit since the very beginning. He started out as an older 'seasoned' fighter with a family. However, the more and more I worked with him, the more and more he changed. I guess, ultimately, I needed someone I could relate to better. I don't have a family (I do have a wife, and a little dog named 'Gobbles' though), and it didn't ring true for the main character to have one as well. Also, story wise, it's much more compelling to have someone who's not fully 'with-it'. So.... I 'simplified' him to be just like me.

New and improved.... and 'simplified'
 He's still pretty with it, but he has his flaws. Perhaps he gets in over his head a bit too easily, but that's what makes you love him. He's kinda like Indiana Jones that way. Sure, Indiana's a college professor, but I wouldn't say 'planning things out' is his strong point.
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  1. One thing every writer must remember is to have the protagonist as realistic as possible. Flaws both in character and physical make it easier to relate to the character. In video games, this is especially important. As important as it is, it is generally the first thing overlooked or "forgotten" by creators the world over.