Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artist of the Week: Rembrandt

Master painter, and lover of fancy hats

 I started to really appreciate the 'painters of old' around the time I started taking life-drawing classes. Perhaps it was the incredibly humbling experience of realizing just how bad I was at drawing the human body, or maybe it was because I was 16 and starting to look for art inspiration outside of comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. In any case, Rembrandt is incredible. He had such an eye for composition, and could tell an entire story in a single painting.

 Being a storyboard artist for much of my career, many times I was tasked with creating 'beat boards'. These are single drawings that capture the essence of a particular spot in a film. Imagine you had to create one drawing that summed up each chapter of a book, that would be a 'beat board'. Anyways, Rembrandt was the master of this. I encourage you to check out more of his work at this little web gallery. Amazing stuff!

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